Eukaryotic like proteins

Genome: Mycobacterium kansasii

Taxonomyid: 1768
Class: s (p=pathogen;s=symbiont)

Domain: PF10604

Copy number in non-pathogens:
Mean=2.53 Stddev=4.40

Proteins containing this domain:

accession genenames locustags description
WP_036393630.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_036393710.1 cyclase
WP_036393714.1 cyclase
WP_036399266.1 cyclase
WP_036399287.1 polyketide cyclase / dehydrase and lipid transport
WP_036401257.1 MxaD family protein
WP_036401595.1 ATPase
WP_036402474.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_036402957.1 cyclase
WP_036403138.1 polyketide cyclase / dehydrase and lipid transport
WP_036403803.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_036404578.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_036405292.1 polyketide cyclase / dehydrase and lipid transport
WP_036405310.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_036405377.1 ATPase
WP_051490571.1 cyclase
WP_063466330.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_063466436.1 hypothetical protein
WP_063467925.1 toxin
WP_063468010.1 SRPBCC family protein
WP_063468037.1 cyclase
WP_063468140.1 cyclase
WP_063468567.1 SRPBCC family protein
WP_080692187.1 cyclase
WP_081260704.1 hypothetical protein