Eukaryotic like proteins

Genome: Mycobacterium intermedium

Taxonomyid: 28445
Class: s (p=pathogen;s=symbiont)

Domain: PF10604

Copy number in non-pathogens:
Mean=2.53 Stddev=4.40

Proteins containing this domain:

accession genenames locustags description
WP_069417052.1 SRPBCC family protein
WP_069417720.1 cyclase
WP_069417775.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_069417847.1 polyketide cyclase / dehydrase and lipid transport
WP_069417938.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_069418274.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_069418344.1 cyclase
WP_069418350.1 cyclase
WP_069418470.1 polyketide cyclase / dehydrase and lipid transport
WP_069418576.1 hypothetical protein
WP_069418994.1 dimethyladenosine transferase
WP_069419141.1 hypothetical protein
WP_069419301.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_069420066.1 cyclase
WP_069420075.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_069420174.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_069420373.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_069420616.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_069421337.1 cyclase
WP_069421339.1 cyclase
WP_069421341.1 cyclase
WP_069421366.1 polyketide cyclase
WP_069421747.1 cyclase
WP_069421953.1 cyclase
WP_069422361.1 toxin
WP_069422404.1 SRPBCC family protein
WP_079219678.1 hypothetical protein
WP_079220081.1 hypothetical protein